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We’re dedicated to providing the utmost in quality, value, transparency, and traceability- so you can be confident you’re receiving the best food available.

We make contemporary fine food rooted in tradition. Leveraging today’s technology to preserve the authenticity of our heritage products, we strive to provide deeper insight into the journey from farm to table.

We believe you should know where your food comes from.

PGI certification — A Declaration of Quality

Consorzio del'olio Toscano IGP demands the highest standards for extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany. The certification process consists of comprehensive documentation and registration audits, which ensure absolute traceability, from grower to mill to bottling.

Tradition &Experience

We blend modern knowledge and technology with time-tested practices, crafting a strong, sustainable future. We’re rooted in deep traditions - we believe that our land should be nurtured, and that food is best in its natural form.

We promise you won't find any unnecessary additives, colors, or ingredients here. In fact, we’re leveraging contemporary tools and modern technology to encourage transparency – ensuring that our goods are lovingly grown, crafted, and carried from farm to table.