About Us

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Italian Tradition

Certified Origins produces extra virgin olive oil from fruit grown on our small family farms. Within hours of harvest, we press the olives in our state-of-the-art facilities to make the rich, flavorful oil that is the heart and soul of delicious food.

Inspired by our commitment to authenticity, we empower consumers with innovative technology to trace the journey of each bottle back to the groves of its origin. We invite everyone to meet us in the farms that are our homes.


Our Principles


From traditional cultivation to innovations that guarantee authenticity, all our efforts converge in making extra virgin olive oil with extraordinary flavor.


We honor tradition with new technology that keeps track of every drop in every bottle. Consumers have access to the origin of their extra virgin olive oil and we share with them who we are.


As soon as we pick the olives, we take them to our mill where they are immediately cold pressed and the extra virgin olive oil extracted. Allowing only a few hours between harvest and crushing is how we capture the highest quality, freshest taste and the most vibrant color.

Global Industry Leaders

We are the largest community of grower-based producers in Italy.

  • Our commitment is preserving the path for authentic extra virgin olive oil throughout the world.
  • Transparent operations honor the contributions of each farm for unprecedented integrity and the highest food safety standards in the industry.

Our History

Extra virgin olive oil is our heritage and our legacy for future generations.

Honoring the Land

Our parents and grandparents understood that the essential, unique flavors of extra virgin olive oil come from the ground beneath our trees, and they taught us traditional cultivation methods to nurture and protect the land. The countryside where our groves have been thriving for generations is the source of our passion and pride. Its stewardship is the center point of our lives.