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Our Standards

Certified Origins sets new industry standards for flavor, value, food safety, and truthfulness. We have developed unprecedented quality assurance protocols, and we continuously seek new ways to improve our practices through our commitment to tradition. Our methods are making a true difference for consumers and growers alike.


Consorzio del'olio Toscano IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) - certifies products that are Tuscan in origin. Our Toscano Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the IGP stamp of authenticity.

We Shepherd Every Drop

Energized by our commitment to quality and authenticity, Certified Origins keeps track of every drop so consumers have access to detailed information about the harvest, the varietals and the individual contributing farms of origin for each bottle of oil. This important data highlights the freshness, flavor and the enjoyment of our oil while inviting trust. It also supports our practices as independent artisans dedicated to traditional, small-scale production and lets consumers know who we are.

Our innovations in traceability technology are connecting people to the communities that are the sources of their food.


Our operations are transparent and efficient. We collaborate as a team, and we share who we are.

Source Map Program

Certified Origins has invested in SourceMap—a new way to track the movements of our products from origin to customer. This program also provides us with information we use to minimize our carbon footprint.